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Placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and has been featured in various editions of Chinese medical texts, including in the Materia Medica, as a herb known as 紫河車 or zǐ hé chē (ze, HEU, cheu). This text states that placenta warms the kidney channel, promotes qi absorption, supplements the essence, and nourishes the blood.

The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to childbearing women and the postpartum time, is that women are depleted of qi following birth because they lose some their own life essence in birthing a child into the world. The theory includes that people who have recently given birth can become infected by cold, so warming is key for them, both inside and out.

In the Raw Preparation Method , the placenta is washed and dehydrated raw. It is not steamed and, as such, does not impart additional warmth to the placenta and helps retain the maximum nutrients, hormone and mineral content than steaming. It is said raw capsules can be more energising and create an energetic response postpartum. This method can also yield more capsules as the placenta naturally shrinks when steamed.

The capsules yielded can be more potent for mothers and some can find them very powerful. These effects can be managed by the amount ingested (eg, take less if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious). This preparation is well within safe food parameters as appropriate temperatures are used to reduce microbial count and eliminate some blood borne pathogens.

Some benefits of choosing the raw preparation method include:

  • Provides the freshest/higher hormonal/nutrient benefits as the Traditional Method method lessens vital enzymes, hormones, and nutrients
  • Great for immediate shorter term recovery, blood building and returning iron levels
  • More immediate mood and energy increases
  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced maternal and baby bonding
  • Increased breastmilk production
  • Assisting the uterus to return to its pre pregnancy state
  • Helping balance and stabilise hormones after the postnatal hormone drop
  • Decreased instances of postpartum depression
  • Faster postpartum recovery

  • Your placenta encapsulated in the Raw Method
  • Complimentary cord keepsake in the shape of a heart, infinity symbol, first initial of babes name or spiral
  • Free local pickup and delivery
    (if your have birthed your babe in Wagga Wagga, but do not live here, capsules will be express posted back to you once completed for a fee of $20)

Not recommended if infection was present during late pregnancy, labour or birth, or for women with history of mental illness, insomnia, anxiety or who are sensitive to caffeine as these capsules can potentiate negative effects.

NOT SUITABLE FOR WOMEN WHO ARE GBS POSITIVE. The Traditional Method is the only placenta preparation for GBS+ mothers as this method kills off any potentially harmful bacteria that may be present by steaming first.

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