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Here at Dulcie Lane we want every mother to enjoy her own placenta goodness!
This includes mothers to be who live away from Dulcie Lane HQ where local pickup and delivery is unavailable.

Now that Dulcie Lane is servicing a larger area outside of the Wagga Wagga locality (up to two hours) , you may be wondering how you can possibly follow the strict storage guidelines when sending your placenta off with a courier? Or even keep it cold enough for transport?
For a stress free experience we have put together a specialised cold storage transport pack where your placenta will be safely transported to us for preparation.

Why is it so special? Can't I use a regular cooler or my own esky?

Here at Dulcie Lane we follow very strict food safety guidelines including preparation, storage and transport policies. This includes keeping your placenta within food safe temperature following the birth and during transport, right up until the moment of preparation begins. Think of your placenta like a piece of steak, no one wants to consume steak that has gone warm!

I am a certified placenta arts specialist and have received extensive training in how to uphold and maintain the safety of my clients. One part of this is ensuring your placenta stays as cold as possible for the duration of its journey with the courier (no greater than 24 hours) In order to do this, a foam cooler must be used to ensure maximum insulation to keep the cold in. Together with an insulated foil bag to help keep the placenta cold as it slowly defrosts, and with three specialised 'Techni Ice' packs, your placenta will stay cold for its travel to me.

You cannot use your own cooler or an esky for transport as they do not hold the cold in as long as foam, and regular ice and ice bricks will melt too quickly. Improper handling and storage will make your placenta unsuitable for consumption and Dulcie Lane reserves the right to encapsulate any placenta based on this.

What is Techni Ice?

Techni Ice are specialised dry ice packs comprising of 2 non-woven textile layers, which encapsulate a specially formulated cross-linked polyacrylate polyalcohol co-polymer refrigerant combined with a post treated trade secret formula. An additional 2 heavy duty plastic layers, containing a one-way micro perforation technology are bonded to the textile layers. This formula ensure the highest level of coldness, up to 48 hours. When used from frozen it is long lasting and does not turn back into water as it defrosts.

What is the process?

After delivery, the same storage guidelines are followed for every birth for where the placenta is kept. Located here on the website called "Hospital Placenta Release". Ensure you have your own esky or cooler and adequate pre frozen ice bricks ready to go to the labour ward with you to store the placenta in after the birth, until it reaches your freezer within 2 hours.
Your placenta will need to be frozen solid after it makes it way to your home with a pre organised person soon after the birth. It must be frozen prior to transport to ensure it stays cold as it defrosts slowly during its journey to me. On the day you are dropping it to the courier, or right before the courier is scheduled to pick up, make sure you adhere to the following steps:

1. Take your placenta out of the freezer. Ensure it is frozen solid. (this can take a few days following the delivery)
2. While it remains within its hospital bag where it is placed following your delivery, you will then placed inside an insulated foil bag and sealed tightly with the supplied tape, making sure all air has been removed prior to sealing.
3. Three Techni Ice packs are provided to use to keep your placenta cold and must be already frozen when placed into the cooler. All three must be used in order to maximise the cold temperature within the cooler.
4. Seal the cooler up tightly with the tape provided, fill out the information form, put it in the plastic slip and attach it to the side of the cooler.
5. Pop the return label on the side and proceed to drop it to the pre selected courier in your location listed within your client contract/welcome pack, where you will pay your delivery fee.

Further information on which couriers to use, collection and drop off times and payment to the courier is located within your client contract/welcome pack.

Free postage to you!

x1 Foam Cooler
x1 Roll of Packing Tape
x1 Form to fill out indicating the times the placenta was stored, frozen and sent, and who the placenta belongs to.
x1 Foil Insulated Bag
x1 Instruction Card
x3 Techni Ice Packs
x1 Return Label back to Dulcie Lane
x1 Plastic Slip for Information Form

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