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Your skin needs extra love as you enter your fourth trimester. A sacred time where your body will be undergoing healing and recovery as you make your way into motherhood. Your skin can feel dry and irritated as hormonal changes sap you of your moisture making lipids.

Your placenta retains hormones, vitamins, minerals and cell regenerative properties following preparation into a dehydrated powder. Your placenta powder can be infused within your selected choice of oil and dried botanicals for the ultimate skin rejuvenation like no other.

Use the power your placenta holds to improve general skin tone, moisturise and reduce blemishes together with lavender and rose botanicals for a relaxing and calming oil blend, or with chamomile and calendula, to help soothe, heal and reduce inflamed skin.

Your placenta oil infusion can be used as a postpartum massage oil for the womb and breasts to help bring back alignment following childbirth.

Available Oils: sweet almond oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil and sunflower seed oil.

Dried Botanicals: Rose and lavender, calendula and chamomile.


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