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A Placenta Tincture is a very potent remedy due to the healing properties, versatility and ease of use it embodies. Making a tincture increases the longevity of your placenta so you feel the benefits for longer. The placenta is also an amazing source of stem cells and a tincture allows for ultimate preservation without steaming or dehydration prior to creation.

Made with with premium Grain Alcohol (40% Vol) 100 proof, it will then infuse for 6 weeks. After this time it is ready for use, resulting in a powerful remedy which embodies your placenta's hormonal, mineral and nutritional quality.
Your tincture can be used in any time of trauma, transition, and emotional distress to ease your symptoms, especially when your placenta capsules have run out and you’re reaching for your own “rescue remedy”.

Some mother's use their tincture to feel more balanced when their first menstrual cycle returns, or as they wean from breastfeeding. Some women use it when they are feeling run down and depleted after months of less than optimal sleep or even many years later to help with menopause. The tincture has an extremely long shelf life and does not have an expiry date due to the potency of the alcohol it is in.

Placenta Tincture 100ml (please allow 6 weeks before you use your tincture, due to the infusion process)
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(if your have birthed your babe in Wagga Wagga, but do not live here, your tincture will be express posted back to you once completed for a fee of $20)

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