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* Order cut off is midnight Thursday every week *

Dulcie Lanes SNACK BUNDLE includes a delicious and thoughtfully curated collection of snacks from our two menus. Depending on how hungry the newborn mother is, the package includes 5-7 days worth of nutrient dense, warming and nourishing treats.

Created using a combination of modern, Ayuverdic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principals this package will aid in healing, comforting and supporting your postpartum period. Your appetite is individual, so while Dulcie Lane estimates this package contains generous portions of snacks, eat as your body guides you and only share if you wish!

Your food will be delivered fresh in Dulcie Lanes cooler bags, and will need to be stored in your fridge immediately or put into your freezer and consumed within 3 months. Simply reheat and eat!

If you are not at home for delivery, your cooler bag will be placed in the safest place and will stay cold for maximum 3 hours.

If you are sending a package as a gift and would like to include a note, please include this in your order.

Cardamom and Carrot Loaf with raisins and pecans (V, DF)
Sweet Potato and Cacao Brownie with almond butter (DF, Veg)
Ayuverdic Spiced Cookies with dark chocolate and goji berries (DF and GF option, Veg)
Pumpkin Spice Energy Balls with almond butter (Veg, DF, GF option)
Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats with medjool dates, coconut and goji berries (GF, DF option)

Pricing includes free delivery up to 5km from Dulcie Lane HQ, if you live outside this area delivery fees apply.

Dulcie Lane offers options for dietary requirements and can cater to dairy free* and gluten free** at this stage. As the business expands we endeavour to provide more dietary options. Meals cannot be altered apart from the above requirements.

* Dairy free is based on using ingredients containing no dairy milk, milk solids or ingredients derived from milk.
** Gluten free is based on using gluten free ingredients or substituting for ingredients containing no gluten.

Cut off for ordering is each Thursday at midnight, for your order to be delivered the Monday/Tuesday of the coming week. Orders received after Thursday will automatically be rolled over into the following weeks menu.

Dulcie Lane has two rotating menus, pending on which week you order, is what menu you will receive. Menus are set and will be updated seasonally, they cannot be changed.

Dulcie Lanes meal packages are not limited to just postpartum mothers, they can be a helpful gift for those who are experiencing grief, suffered a loss or who are going through a tough time. If you need Dulcie Lane to be sensitive in our delivery, notes or meals (for example Lactation Cookies if these are triggering) please let us know by including a note in your order letting us know the circumstances.

Dulcie Lane strives to use locally sourced, fresh and organic where possible ingredients. As the pandemic can affect supply chains, availability of certain ingredients and the cost of ingredients, some may be substituted when needed. Menus will be updated accordingly to reflect any change.

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