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Delayed Cord Clamping, Lotus Births and Placenta Encapsulation

As stated by the World Health Organisation, it is highly recommend all mothers to choose delayed cord clamping for the benefit of their newborn. Delayed cord clamping involves leaving the umbilical cord intact for at least 3-10 minutes after birth, longer if possible. Up to a third of a newborns blood volume still lies within the placenta after birth, and cutting the cord too early will prevent this precious blood from being reinfused back into baby. During this time the cord is still pumping iron and stem cell rich blood which has been scientifically proven to have lifelong benefits to your baby. This will have no effect on your placenta and you can still encapsulate happily.

A True lotus birth and placenta encapsulation are not compatible.

If you want a lotus birth and still plan to encapsulate, the following options are suitable:

  • Modified lotus birth where the placenta is attached to baby for up to 2 hours after birth before cutting cord and placing in the fridge.

  • Partial lotus birth where the client has someone remove half or part of the placenta (using appropriate personal protection and procedures) for encapsulation within 2 hours of birth while leaving the rest attached to fall off naturally.


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