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Raw Method VS Traditional Method

Can't decide what method to choose? Read about what method is suitable for you!

TRADITIONAL METHOD For the Traditional Preparation Method the placenta is gently steamed over a bath of fresh ginger and lemon, before being dehydrated into powder. It is said that these capsules help bring warmth back to the body for the mother that she has lost after birth and therefore assisting in her body’s re-balance, promoting an equal amount of yin (cold) and yang (warmth) once more. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in the first 48 hours following birth, warming foods are suggested. Placenta falls into this category with both methods, more so with the Traditional Method as it imparts extra warmth with this preparation. TCM teaches that beginning at 48 hours after birth warming foods are most beneficial for a mother to boost yang energy. Cooked or steamed foods (like TM encapsulated placenta) are considered warming. TCM believes they help rebuild blood and they slowly help to increase the body's various endocrine functions. The Traditional Method draws on principles of balance between warm and cold forces based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Steaming the placenta tempers the hormones it contains and allows for a more gentle reintroduction and reabsorption into the body over time. Most placentas are prepared using this method. The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to childbearing women and the postpartum time, is that women are depleted of qi following birth because they lose some their own life essence in birthing a child into the world. The theory includes that people who have recently given birth can become infected by cold, so warming is key for them, both inside and out.

This fine balance between yin and yang also helps with our immune system. It is believed that our body’s natural immunity, can be reduced post birth and is thought to be restored by adding heat. The steaming process itself directs heat at the placenta, in addition, heat is infused into the placenta through the use of lemon and ginger. Lemon being a grounding remedy, which alongside ginger aids in circulation and the distribution of healing properties throughout the body. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE TRADITIONAL METHOD?

  • Boosted energy levels

  • A reduction in postpartum bleeding

  • Fewer symptoms of the baby blues

  • Improved mood

  • Enhanced maternal and baby bonding

  • Increased breastmilk production

  • Assisting the uterus to return to its pre pregnancy state

  • Helping balance and stabilise hormones after the postnatal hormone drop

  • Decreased instances of postpartum depression

  • Faster postpartum recovery

Find out more about how it is done HERE.


Some mothers prefer the steamed method as this ensures any bacteria, blood borne pathogens or microbes are killed during the steaming process. Others report it is easier to consume the placenta knowing it has been “cooked” before hand. Mothers who have had a positive GBS swab must have this method of preparation as in the rare case it results in a “true GBS infection” the combination of steaming until 72 degrees, and dehydrating at 160 degrees, ensures the potential infection can be killed off.

GBS+ is not a contraindication to encapsulation, but I do require that you are honest about your health history so that I can help you in making the safest choice for your placenta. For those who have pre-existing mental health conditions, or have experienced postpartum mood disorders before, this is often the better choice as capsules created with the raw method may be more potent and a little overwhelming for some mothers with a history of depression or anxiety. People who choose this method often report a smoother emotional transition and a stronger, more stable milk supply due to its gentler nature.


In the Raw Preparation Method , the placenta is washed and dehydrated raw. It is not steamed and, as such, does not impart additional warmth to the placenta which helps retain the maximum nutrients, hormone and mineral content than steaming. It is said raw capsules can be more energising and create an energetic response postpartum. This method can also yield more capsules as the placenta naturally shrinks when steamed.

The capsules yielded can be more potent for mothers and some can find them very powerful. These effects can be managed by the amount ingested (eg, take less if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious). This preparation is well within safe food parameters as appropriate temperatures are used to reduce microbial count and eliminate blood borne pathogens due to the high temperature and the amount of time in the dehydrator which is many hours longer than the Traditional Method.

The major difference with the Raw Method of Preparation is that it skips the steaming part entirely so raw placenta is dehydrated and not steamed to begin with. This increases the drying/processing time. Those who choose the raw method tend to feel that the ‘essence’ of the placenta is preserved this way and that enzymes are retained since steaming can break down some of them. It is also felt that this is the more ‘potent’ of the two methods.


  • Provides the freshest/higher hormonal/nutrient benefits as the TM lessens vital enzymes, hormones, and nutrients

  • Great for immediate shorter term recovery, blood building and returning iron levels

  • More immediate mood and energy increases

  • Enhanced maternal and baby bonding

  • Increased breastmilk production

  • Assisting the uterus to return to its pre pregnancy state

  • Helping balance and stabilise hormones after the postnatal hormone drop

  • Decreased instances of postpartum depression

  • Faster postpartum recovery

Find out more about how it is done HERE.


Raw method is useful for blood building and returning iron stores, especially in the early days after birth. Mothers who choose this method often report a smoother physical recovery and more energy in the postpartum period due to the higher nutrient, mineral and hormonal content that remains within the placenta. Some also like the increased amount of capsules they receive as the steamed method produces slightly less in comparison.

Women have reported a larger boost of energy after choosing to have their placenta encapsulated using the raw method. Some report this boost is fantastic and some have reported they felt a bit too jittery, as if they have had ten coffees and may need to have the number of capsules consumed per day adjusted.


These capsules can be rather potent compared to TM. If the client has had mild depression, or worse, or any type of chronic or intermittent anxiety, Raw has the potential to exacerbate this. More of the hormonal content remains in the raw placenta capsules compared to steamed placenta capsules. The wet heat of steaming reduces the hormone count of the tissue slightly, along with reducing bacteria count.

Depression and anxiety is sometimes tied to hormonal imbalances in the body, so the hormonal content from raw placenta pills might not work well for some sensitive clients. If the client's health history includes any kind of depression or anxiety, Raw Method may not be best for them. However, there have not been any studies on this so it could be a purely anecdotal suggestion.


When deciding upon the preparation of your capsules trust your instincts. It is an entirely personal choice. Think about what you would like to gain after birth and in your postpartum, a sense of calm or increased energy? I also suggest mothers think about their personality and use that to guide them to the remedy most like themselves. Unless you have produced a positive GBS swab, in which case you must choose the Traditional Method, the choice is up to you and what you feel will best benefit you.

Both methods of placenta encapsulation will benefit you in a number of ways. Both methods have many similar benefits and some stand out differences making them each unique in these ways. Previous clients have reported similar experiences with the methods including boosted energy levels, reduced baby blues, faster birth recovery and improved mood to name a few.


Lucky for you Dulcie Lane offers a “Half and Half” method of placenta preparation whereby half of your placenta is used to make capsules using the Traditional Method, and the other half with the Raw Method.

This way you can enjoy both methods of preparation and the benefits they provide.

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