Raw Method VS Traditional Method

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in the first 48 hours following birth, warming foods are suggested. teamed placenta, or, the Traditional Method of preparation (TM) falls into this category. TCM teaches that beginning at 48 hours after birth warming foods are most beneficial for a mother to boost yang energy. Cooked or steamed foods (like TM encapsulated placenta) are considered warming. TCM believes they help rebuild blood, qi or chi, and they slowly help to increase the body's various endocrine functions.

The major difference with the Raw Method of Preparation is that it skips the steaming part entirely so raw placenta is dehydrated and not steamed to begin with. This increases the drying/processing time. Those who choose the raw method tend to feel that the ‘essence’ of the placenta is preserved this way and that enzymes are retained since steaming can break down some of them. It is also felt that this is the more ‘potent’ of the two methods. Women have reported a larger boost of energy after choosing to have their placenta encapsulated using the raw method. Some report this boost is fantastic and some have reported they felt a bit too jittery, as if they have had ten coffees!, and may need to have the number of capsules consumed per day adjusted.

Why do some decide the Raw Method isn’t for them? These capsules can be rather potent compared to TM. If the client has had mild depression, or worse, or any type of chronic or intermittent anxiety, Raw has the potential to exacerbate this. More of the hormonal content remains in the raw placenta capsules compared to steamed placenta capsules. The wet heat of steaming reduces the hormone count of the tissue slightly, along with reducing bacteria count.

Depression and anxiety is sometimes tied to hormonal imbalances in the body, so the hormonal content from raw placenta pills might not work well for some sensitive clients. If the client's health history includes any kind of depression or anxiety, Raw Method may not be best for them. However, there have not been any studies on this so it could be a purely anecdotal suggestion.